Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #409 – An Artist’s Epiphany


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Something really brief. Well, I’ve wanted to be brief, really brief. It’s brief because from the moment I sat down to this moment, everything just changed beautifully. And I wrote you a letter, Abraham, last week and your opening words was your letter back to me. Every word was exactly what I needed to hear. And I put my notepad away, I no longer needed a reference of what I wanted to say. I just want to share quickly that on the drive here this morning, I manifested an epiphany.

And I’m an artist, before you go further, okay, we are so eager to hear this from you. We just want to stick some words in here. Oh, great, because the getting ready to be ready to be ready. You got that? You know you do. So every moment is a manifestation. Every moment is a manifestation. It’s a manifestation of something. So the early manifestations, the manifestation of satisfaction, satisfaction of satisfaction, your words were so wonderful, I manifested an epiphany.

So what you’re saying is the vibration, vibration, vibration turned to a thought, a thought which turned to a thought which turned to a thought that’s big enough that it feels like an epiphany. We just wanted to stick what you lived in to the scenario that we’ve been describing here so that you get what we’re talking about epiphany. So I’ve been a step one, Master my whole life until I was introduced to you and your laws and teachings about eight months ago, the epiphany has to do with the contrast.

And as an artist, it occurred to me this morning that when I’m creating my art, I look for the contrast, I create the contrast, I pump up the contrast, because that’s where the beauty is in the image. And that there is no image without it. Right? And so I thought to myself, why can I not look at my life contrast her with such joy and beauty? You like her thoughts of thought thought thought thought thought thought thought thought that? Yes, yes. Yeah. So milk it take a little further. Milk it, they’re ready, they want it? Well, I was going to ask for clarity. Since I know so well with, let’s just milk this, okay, there’s sort of a tendency to get to a good place and then you’re in such a good place.

Now, can we deal with a problem? So let’s just take that epiphany. What were you saying about contrast? It’s so beautiful in my images, and when it’s lacking, it’s a dull image. It doesn’t excite me there’s nothing to engage in. It’s not inspirational, and so I punch the images and I give it the contrast so that that it stops people and and as the image is taking form on the canvass, does it start out general and vague?

Definitely. And then it gets sharper and sharper and sharper and sharper and sharper and sharper and sharper and sharper and sharper as you move along. Yes. What you’re describing in your painting is exactly what we are wanting you to feel in your own life experiences experience. This is a really good time for segment of refreshment.

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