Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #465 – Advice For Father



I have another question. I have a 14 month old son, and my wife, what is the best way to. So just for a moment, before you go there, this is a really good thing to observe in light of what we’ve been talking about, who’s more sophisticated, the baby or the parent who is more in alignment, the baby or the parent. So you’re sort of getting what we’re talking about. In order to reset your natural well being, you have to sort of forget about all the contradictory stuff you’ve learned.

And trust that through it all. You put clarity about what is desired into your vortex, and you grew up from a baby to a sophisticated adult in your vortex. And so the whole of you has already been vibrationally realized, now start letting it in. And you can learn to walk in about an hour. You can learn to fly in about two days. We’re not talking about the time it takes to go from an infant to adult, we’re talking about hours and days and weeks. We’re talking about very little time passing once you make these vibrational adjustments. So basically just not getting his way, let him progress, is what I’m understanding.

That’s what he asked us to tell you. Oh, he’s very demanding. I got it. These are his exact words. I got it. I got this. I got this. First of all that way old. I’ve been around many, many times. My vortex was robust before I even came into this body. And I’ve added some stuff even since and all is really, really well with me.

And so if you’ll just notice how satisfied I usually am, and do your best to mimic that yourself. Then we’re going to have a really good time together. But if you start worrying in advance of things that I’m going to encounter, then you’re going to mess up your experience and mine right here and now unnecessarily Those are his specific words to you

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