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And are you refreshed? Good. Now what? Thank you. I’ve been my occupation is being a business coach. So coach people to one thing is get more aligned as a person. And the other thing with that is creating more results in business. They go together, don’t they? They go together. Yeah. And until now, I’ve been doing this for two years. And when someone has a question, or is an opponent in their life, what they’re telling you about, mostly did it from intuition. Just I get, get a thought.

And I think, Okay, this is the best way to go now. And I, I still gram to whatever I think is for benefit for that person. And we are not disagreeing with you. We’re just wanting to confirm what you’re saying with words. So since you’re in the receptive mode, you’re tapping into their inner beings, encouragement for them. I’m trying that. Yeah. And are they hearing it from you? Yeah, I think so. Because I get a lot of results with the the reason that we’re asking the question is because we want them to be able to hear it from their own inner being.

And we think it’s nice that you’re tuned into them enough that you can hear it, and then guide them. But the ultimate coach is then encouraging them to confirm what they’re feeling about it too. In other words, you don’t want them to be dependent upon your words, because that’s sort of kind of what everybody’s doing anyway, we don’t want you to coach them away from their own guidance by encouraging them to follow your wisdom, we want you to coach them into their guidance.

So a little bit of that’s good. A lot of it not so good. Yeah, that’s where I have difficulty because I’m doing an education now as a as a coach, and you get to learn the different roles that you can play as a coach, let’s say you can be the teacher who gives knowledge for for your coachee. Or you can be more laid back and let the person on itself find their own answers. Think about it in this way, we’re just going to ask you to look at this in just a little bit different way than you have been, what if their own life experience?

And what they’ve been asking for fulfills that role of the teacher? What if their own life help them to know what they’re asking for? And put it into the vortex? You don’t need to teach them what to want? Do you know, their desires are already in place before they come to you? Would you agree to them? Are you helping them to articulate them better? Are you trying to help them to focus upon their desires?

Yeah, I’m trying to help them focus on their desires, and drop the where they can drop the resistance, resistant thoughts, resistance patterns of thought and belief systems? Well, the reason we’re asking is because in the coaching that we do, and in the processes that we’ve offered, every tool or process that we’ve offered, is with this understanding, they’ve already done the asking. But as we get them to focus upon what they’re asking for, what’s actually happening is we’re getting them to focus upon what they want, which puts them more in the receptive mode of what they’re asking for.

So what we’re wanting to assist you with, because you’re doing a good job with your coaching, but what we’re wanting to assist you with is to help them find a softer and more gentle way of expecting the results that they’re asking for playing down the effort factor and playing up the expecting factor. You see what we’re getting that? Yeah, I understand. But sometimes I’ll teach them the law of attraction, because sometimes they are not even close or intellectually not knowing about the law.

So I’m teaching them the laws. And sometimes I feel that because of their habits of thoughts and patterns are so strong, because there have been living that for so many years that as sometimes I have to work hard for it to break it. You’re having the same experience that we’ve been describing. You’re interacting with people that are sort of set in their vibrational patterns. And if they are not able to break those vibrational patterns or change them, then they can’t get change in their experience.

That’s why we’re encouraging them to sort of start over. Do you think that your students are good candidates to be encouraged toward meditation? Or would that freak them out? How could you say to someone, I really want to help you. And I can feel that good things are coming to you. But your patterns of thought are in your way. So we’ve got to find some way of changing your patterns of thought, because you get what you think about whether you want it or not. And they say, Oh, I know, I want to change my patterns of thought. You’ve convinced me that I do need to think differently.

But then what they don’t quite understand most don’t is that law of attraction, doesn’t let them easily think differently. Yeah. And so what you are wanting to look for is a way that you can help them to begin thinking differently about it. How are you coming about that? Yeah, I’m teaching them about momentum and teaching them about the law of attraction. And teaching them about, most people get freaked out, if you tell them about the vortex thing, then you’ll lose them.

But staying before that, I always explain as in life works better. If you focus on the glass half full instead of the focus on the glass is half empty. And and tell them about law of attraction and momentum. Well, some tools that you could give them if they’re not really ready to understand the powerful benefit of just shutting it all down and starting again, because there’s a powerful benefit in that reboot. But if they’re not ready for that, and we understand what you mean, then some words like when you can’t get there from there might be helpful.

Or some words such as, can you find a softer way of thinking about that, or some words like the way you’re going about it isn’t working, here’s a way of going about it, that may work better for you. This is what you’re up against. Law of Attraction delivers to you what you’re vibrationally offering. And then when you observe it, you call it real. And so it’s not easy to get a normal person to suspend reality.

Because they don’t want to be crazy. And so when you say to them, you’ve got to stop noticing what is so much because your notice of what is isn’t letting what is change. And so in time, they may begin asking questions, well, then how can I not notice it so much. We suppose that you could find some tools, we offered a lot of them like pivoting, when you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want. But for the most part, most people don’t get very far in that.

This is the way that we’ve been offering it. And this analogy may help you. So let’s say you have a desire. And as you talk about your desire, I would like to have such and such, it’s like taking an engine, you being the train, and putting the engine on the track going that way. But when you then acknowledge but where I am is here where I want to be as here but where I am is here is like putting an engine on the other end of the train going in opposition. So without even knowing that you’re working against yourself.

So explain to them, we’ve got to find some way of getting more engines on the desire end, and fewer engines on the what is end? Or more engines on the what I desire end and fewer engines on the what I believe and and then you just have to ask them, Do you think it’s possible to change a belief? And most people will say yes, but they don’t really mean it.

Because most people don’t want to change their beliefs. Most people will argue for their belief because they believe that their beliefs are true. It’s what we were talking about earlier about having an argument with someone and both of you just dig in and support your position more. And that’s what most people are doing with themselves. So how have you found to sort of break through that?

Have you discovered a way that you can get their beliefs to soften a little bit and their desires to soften more? Yeah, does work or does work with different tools that you have given? So let’s say that you have beliefs and you have desires, and let’s say every time you state your desire, you also state your belief. I want more money, but I don’t have enough. So you get nowhere.

Well, what have you said, I want more money because and with it, I would like to do this. Does that help? That does help. That’s what we’re going to ask you except what as I’m doing this, I got the feeling that I’m being the teacher, like I’m telling them what to do and how to change their thoughts and how to change their belief system you might be receiving from their inner beam. That’s a very valid possibility. But what you also might be Doing and this is what a good mentor would do, you might be encouraging them just to focus upon what they want, while they’re with you, because they can’t focus upon what they want, and what they don’t want at the same time.

But as a really effective teacher, what you’re picking up on, and this is why you’re having this conversation with us, you’re picking up on the vibration that even though you’re teaching them, and even though they may be offering the words, but their vibration might not be shifting that much. And so you’re feeling that discord, you think that’s also true. But I also want, like you said, In the beginning, I don’t want them to be getting dependent of me, I want them to get independent. But if I take the role as a teacher, I’m not letting them find the answers themselves.

Well, how can you get someone to believe that their desire is in the process of becoming? In other words, how can you get someone to believe that something is now going to be different for them than it has been before? What could you tell them that would make them expect it to be different? Yeah, you got to teach them and that moment, you got to explain to them.

And what we have noticed is that it is very helpful for them to understand that there is a larger part of them, that is calling to them what they want, somehow, you have to help them to believe in the power of the universe, in the power of their own desire, in the power of their own words in the power of their own thoughts, which means you’ve got to find a way to introduce them to their own guidance system. And we don’t know how to effectively teach about the guidance system, if you’re not telling them about both aspects of their being because the very emotions that are guiding them exist, because law of attraction is responding to the desire that their inner being is focused upon.

And Law of Attraction is focused upon whatever thought it is that they’re holding. So the very emotion that they feel is because they hold two perspectives, both of which law of attraction is responding to, you could take someone and keep them close to you. And you could listen to their self talk. And whenever they speak into discouraging terms, you could say, that won’t help you. more optimistic terms will help but after a while, they will resent you because they don’t want you telling them you have to we all do as teachers, we have to empower them with their own guidance, you have to help them to know that it is right that they get what they want.

And that what they want really is forming for them. Now we get it that this vortex is an uncomfortable thing to talk about. But if you’re not talking about the vibrational reality that exists that is calling them forward, then all you’ve got left to talk to them about is the actual reality that they’re living, which will hold them right where they are. And otherwise, you’ve got to find some way of getting them to look someplace other than where they’re looking, if they want things to change.

There have been 1000s and 1000s of books written over a period of many, many years and very little movement in terms of people actually feeling deliberate about they’re creating. And nobody really is going to feel deliberate about they’re creating until they tap in to their full resources and feel the power. Esther sometimes will say to herself, well, I can feel the magic is happening today. Because she can feel she’s right on it, she can feel she’s tuned in. And all of the resources of the universe are in cooperation with her. And of course, she knows it’s not magic, but it sure feels like magic when you haven’t been utilizing it for a day or for a minute you say.

And so if you’re asking us to help you find a way to teach people how to effectively navigate within law of attraction without understanding their own guidance system, then there’s going to be a lot of dependent people on you and you’re going to be really busy. As I see it. Now, in the beginning, I gotta be a little bit more of a teacher to help them find their own guidance. And the more they find their own guidance, the less of a teacher has to be because then they’re really good.

They can think about and feel about their own relation and guide. And we would use words like athletes know it because they get in the zone. And a lot of people not because they haven’t got feeling we would use terminology that they’re familiar with. And you’ve seen it happen where it seems like everything’s just working out for you and you’ve seen it happen where it isn’t. And it’s about how you’re tuned. And then you can use words like I want to teach you say to them, I want to teach you the difference between motivation, which can only get you so far and it’s not that far, and inspiration which will take you all the way home to anything you want.

Say to them, I want you to know that you can be or do or have anything that you want. But you’ve got to tune yourself to the desire. And right now you’re not tuned to the desire, you’re tuned to what is. So what we’re going to be doing together is a tuning process, we’re going to tune differently, most people are just looking at what is and it’s why what is changes. So slowly tell them is different places and different phases. But the same basic thing is happening over and over and over again.

Because expectation is so powerful expectation includes desire and belief. And say to them, now I can tell I can feel from you from the things you’ve said to me, I can tell that you’ve got strong desire. And I believe that every one of those desires can come about and so much more. You’ve got desires percolating within you that you aren’t even able to articulate yet I can feel the promise of your future. But you’re too wrapped up in now, now’s got too much of your attention.

You got to stop worrying about what’s going on now. And you’ve got to think about what’s in the process of becoming. Now you don’t have to get all vortex really weird. You can talk about what’s in the process of becoming what’s becoming what’s becoming what’s becoming say to them, you got to get your eyes off of what is and on what’s becoming you can use some analogies like when you’re in your car, your windshield isn’t in the floorboard, looking down at where you are, or you’re not looking behind you, you’re looking forward, if you’re a good driver, you’re anticipating what’s coming.

And this is the same way, use those kinds of analogies. And then after a while, as you do your work, let’s say that you’re going into a coaching session and you’ve listened to this person before and you have a keen sense of what they want. And you believe in their ability to accomplish it. And you know, they’re not quite ready to be ready yet because they’re still more fixated on what is but you decide to do your work. You’re not weirded out by the vortex, you’re not weirded out by a vibrational universe.

You’re not weirded out by meditation, you’re not weirded out by tuning into your highest frequency, you’re not weirded out by tapping into the resources of the universe, you’re not weirded out by any of that. And so before you meet with them, you make sure that you are in the receiving mode, whatever it takes for you to get there. And now you’re all tuned in tapped in turned on, and you’re anticipating a really good conversation. And when you see them, you feel exhilaration about what’s going to unfold or when you hear their voice, you feel exhilaration about what’s going to unfold.

And you are so in the receptive mode that when you get an idea, you know where it came from. And you begin to say things to them, such as, man, this is what I’m getting. And don’t ask me where I’m getting it from. It’s just a strong intuition that I’m getting about you call the inspiration. But if I were standing in your physical shoes, I do this.

And as they feel your fervor, as they feel the power that flows through you, when you really are tuned in and tapped in, in time, if they are really going to be a student that’s really going to receive a lot of benefit from you. They’ll say, what is it that you’re doing? What is it that you’ve got going on? That you haven’t taught me yet? And then you say, I really want to know, I’ve realized that I had beliefs that were so rigid that I didn’t even know I had them. I had beliefs that were in my way that I had to find a way of deactivating. And I didn’t know how to deactivate them, because every time I thought about them, they just got all active again. So I tried focusing on other things.

And that helped, but not that much. Because there’s just so much activation of so much going on around me all the time, that I had to find a way to really shut it down to really shut down those beliefs that were hindering me. Oh, how did you do that? I quieted my mind altogether. I focused upon a sound in the room. And I focused on it until I realized that I was completely detached from reality. I couldn’t feel my foot from my nose, I could feel it was like I was suspended.

And I felt a comfort in that that let me know later, I came to realize that that was me stopping all negative attraction. And even though the positive traction hadn’t started yet, now when I allowed the positive attraction to begin, it really got going and it made all the difference.

And it wasn’t very long before the negative attraction was suspended altogether. And positive traction was the dominant characteristic of my thought pattern. And they’ll say, Well, I can do that. You say yeah, no, it’s weird, but it really works. Helpful. Perfect. Thank you.

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