Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #504 – Soft, Gentle Desire



Sorry, I’m I’m going to use my cell phone because I have some notes here. I was here in everybody’s today about what they were speaking about. And I was here, and especially the Firebird that is just behind me. And I hear his presentation. And I love it. Especially because it reminds me a lot about me about maybe maybe two years ago. And here is something that I have, because he has choose to do this thing in his life right now. And right now, I haven’t something that is different.

Right now I’m letting the universe chose for me. But something happened about a month and a half ago that it is about coming here to the screws we didn’t have in the last year I’ve been expanding, we want to just put one little piece in, okay. When you say you’re letting the universe choose for you, we really, really like those words. But we want to say to you, the universe will never choose for you something that you have not chosen for yourself. Oh, yeah. For further as you put it, in your vortex is your choice.

And now the universe is amplifying your choice. And in the receptive mode. Sometimes it feels like it’s being chosen for you, but you chose it. You chose it in a variety of combinations. And sometimes it’s bigger and better and more than you even realize that you’ve chosen. But in every case and in every detail of all of it. You didn’t choose it. Yes. This is about I want to talk about a synchronicity.

Because in this last year, we have been expending a lot of money because we’re building a house. We’re improving our life a lot. And the thing is that we I was planning not to come to this cruise. But my beautiful wife, she said, she has in her mind that she wanted to come here. So one morning, she told me, Hey, I’m going to buy the Caribbean cruise. And I was talking to her. Maybe we should wait a little bit because we have a lot of expenses right now. But she says no, I feel the impulse, I go out of the house.

And then my lawyer called me to say, hey, we’ll lose our trial that we have. And that was a lot of money that I have to pay. And I was doing. And then I remind my wife that she was going to buy the Caribbean cruise and it was going to call her please don’t do that. When I call her she was so excited to tell me, I buy the Caribbean cruise and he was like, okay, universe knows best. I know that this is like, this is my life. Like, I’d like it to be in the in the past, shady things happens. But they are the best teachers for my life.

Always. Like they’re always improving my life. And right now I feel in a point that it doesn’t matter what has happened, if the ship is rocking a lot, is we don’t have this perfect environment, I feel that inside me, I’m building the perfect environment to be forever happy, forever, joyful forever. vigor forever, wherever I want to feel. And right now I have accepted my role as a teacher, like not, not much like instantly this, I accepted my role as I am a teacher because I given the example perfect for my kids, for whoever whoever wants to follow me, and had to tell you, thanks for that.

Because you all were the teacher that teach me that we were visiting a few weeks ago, with someone sitting in the hot seat and she was talking about wanting to come to this particular event it was in Chicago. And she was using her wisdom and we don’t encourage you to overextend yourselves, there’s a nice thing in the balance between what comes in and what goes out. And if it feels uncomfortable, then we don’t encourage pushing yourself forward.

There are some people that say, if you do the uncomfortable thing long enough, it will become comfortable, but it is really a difficult way to go about it. So she wanted to come to this seminar and did not have the money to do it. And so she was visiting with a friend and they decided to take a walk. And it was a friend who was also an Abraham student. And so they were talking about law of attraction and such things. And while they were walking out on the trail, something caught her eye in the rather deep leaves off on the edge and something shining and she reached in and came out with a very large earring diamond earring. And they wondered it could not possibly be real. It was far too big.

But it was and when she redeemed it, it had a value of $9,000. And so she was exhilarated because she was in this soft desire, not an urgent desire, not a I will die if I don’t get it desire, but this soft place of I would like this and as you said, I’m going to allow the universe to reveal to me and I will get into the reception mode so that I can receive or perceive it. So there she was. Now, what are the odds of that? Well, the odds are 100% when you’re tuned in tapped in turned on, because as we’ve been saying to you, your inner being knows where you are in relationship to everything large or small that you want.

In fact, your inner being doesn’t even measure the largeness or the smallness, your inner being takes you out your vibrational word knows what you want, and knows what the path of least resistance is to get you there. And so by following her bliss, by not being worried about money, by not complaining about it, by not trying hard to find a way to do it, by not taking action before she was ready to be ready. She did what she was ready for. She followed her bliss. And she took her walk, and she went with her favorite friend, and they had lovely conversations, and she was ready to be ready to be ready.

And then before she knew it, she had something in her hand of tremendous value. At the same seminar, another woman told a story that she also was wanting to come to that seminar, again, didn’t have the means to accomplish it. But a friend of hers had arranged for her to fly standby on a particular airline. And so she had gone to the airport in her hometown, and waited for her opportunity to get on the plane, you know, standby meaning at a greatly reduced price if there’s room.

And so there wasn’t room she didn’t get on. And then another flight came up. And she also again, didn’t get on there wasn’t room. But she didn’t lose her sense of well being about it. She didn’t start to panic. She just wondered how this was going to unfold. And she called her friend and her friend who fly standby, frequently said, Well, you might ask if you could fly to another airport, and maybe there would be a flight from there into Chicago. So she went to the Service Desk to ask the question. And as she began to ask, the woman behind the counter said, Well, where is it that you want to go?

And she said, I want to go to Chicago. And the flight personnel said, Wait a minute, I think I have a plane going to Chicago. So she left and came back. And she said, Yes, I can get you on this flight. So she gave the woman the gate, and her boarding pass. And off she went. And when she was boarding the plane, she discovered she was the only passenger on the flight, that the airline was moving a plane from one place to another. She was the only passenger on the flight. The flight attendant did the safety announcements to her, you know, put your mask on first, that sort of thing.

And then the captain came on the intercom and said, Ma’am. So there are endless things that are available for you. But what you are amplifying to us. And it’s the part that we want to amplify back to you and to everyone is the thing that is working for you. And the reason that it is working is because you do have this soft and gentle desire, a softly focused desire, an urgent desire will work against you. Because an urgent desire makes you feel call to action before you’re ready for the action, but a soft, gentle desire.

That’s why if there is something that you’re thinking about that you don’t have any dog in the fight about, and you’re just focused upon it, you can watch right before your eyes, your powerful mind causing an influence toward the outcome that you’re wanting. But if you get all balled up in it and worried about it, then you work against yourself. And really, that’s all that ever happens anyway, you’re either working with yourself or against yourself. That’s the whole of this story, isn’t it?

We’ve enjoyed this day immensely. Every part of it has been wonderful. Have a good time in the next day or two while we are not meeting and watch for opportunities to find new discovery of new desires but most of all, be easy about all of it. There is great love here for you. And for now. We are.

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