Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #505 – Religion And More



Good morning we are extremely pleased that you’re here it is good to come together for the purpose of CO creating Do you agree? Know desires are forming every day you’re ready to begin. We already Law of Attraction is not even. But it is always there. Oh you this morning I wake up and I see this Today magazine of the ship. I see that it was going to be catalytic mass here.

And then I get a real nice question about you saw that it was going to be what? A catalytic mass Carolyn Catholic mass. We thought it was some sort of a mess but I got to make a question. And I’m trying to be non judgmental about it. So really, really? Sure. Love judgemental. Where did the math part come from? Oh, my bad English. Sorry. Oh, it is your vibration. We’re hearing not your words.

Yes. That’s where the question is coming in. Because I was like, cuddled before. We’re a Catholic meth. Yeah, totally. Right now I’m even a myth without being catolico. So the question is about when I did go to church, I really love God, I’m a real I really love God, I love universe. And the thing is, no matter, the question will be like, I want to know how in Infinite Intelligence, sees, see there’s like, right now we’re deleting it, we’re having fun, Joy. And we are so free.

But the people that go to the catalytic expressions, mass mass, they also go for the experience of loving God. So they go because they know that they do what the best that they can do with what they have, or they know. So I want to know what infinite intelligence perspective is what you get it, when you are having on your being free, or when you’re going with bandage regret or something.

Because everybody’s doing their best. The thing that is most important to realize about anything that anyone is doing, is that you can’t understand it. You don’t know what is motivating or inspiring anyone to anything, is the reason really, that we’re encouraging you to find your own connection. And that really is what is at the heart of your question.

Because when you are aware that there is an existence of non physical conscience, and that this non physical consciousness is aware of you, and then you spend some time and it doesn’t take much to establish in a very real way, your relationship with that? Well, that relationship can take on many different forms. Because you’ve all come into this environment with different intentions. You find different beliefs along your physical trail. And so don’t work too hard at trying to make everything that is manifesting around you fit together.

The thing that we can feel very strongly within you that makes this feel like such a big question that needs such a big answer is that almost everyone who you are looking at who is manifested now we’ve been talking a lot about vibrations, turning to thoughts and thoughts, turning to things and getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready.

And so many are doing almost all of their aligning or almost all of their, whatever it is that they’re doing, from the format of what they’re seeing and hearing and smelling and tasting and touching. And there are very few who really in a consistent way, find what is coming forth from within. And that is the thing that troubles so many You, who are usually by this time of their life that you are standing more or less outside of religion, is that what they are feeling coming from the inside.

And what is demonstrating by most people from the outside, don’t really go together. And so it strikes you often as a sort of hypocritical thing. People speak often, of God and of love, but they don’t appear to be loving, they don’t appear so often, to be feeling love. And so the words are not real feeling. It doesn’t vibrate the words like it doesn’t. They’re empty words, I feel like that.

But the thing is, even as you stand in, you’re often awareness of what that resonance with Source energy feels like. When you see someone else who is claiming something that they do not appear to be living, you’re doing the same thing that they’re doing, you’re standing outside of your connection, and wanting their behavior to change, so that your feeling about them can change. It’s a very conditional world that most are living.

And so that’s why when you are out here in this physical manifestation, and you are making your evaluations or judgments from what you are seeing, or hearing and so forth, you often find yourself separated from your own source energy. And because it doesn’t feel good to you, when you do that, you assume that it is their wrongdoing, or their misunderstanding or their misbehavior that is at the heart of your discomfort, when it is not that ever, it is your own. Divergence from your own source love that is causing you to feel that way. Does that make sense to you? Yeah. Like I’m looking at my mom right now. Because my mom, she’s really, she has strong beliefs with religion.

And sometimes I, I believe that I can love love her more, because this, you undoubtedly can, but let’s just get this into perspective and acknowledge that everyone on the planet is an extension of source energy. And they are all displaying their connection in various ways. But an easy way to sort this out for yourself, is to say about me, myself, and about all others, too. Sometimes, we are more in true alignment with who we are than others. And so just watch yourself when you are in true alignment.

In other words, when you see someone behaving in a way that you think is hypocritical or false, you must know that you could not even find that vibration, if you weren’t in that moment there to thank you, because it’s something that I have inside, if not, I cannot see it. And so it’s something that you’ve got going on vibrationally, for whatever reason in the moment, and it may very well be because of your observation of that. In other words, we are not wanting you to be mad at yourself about it, we just want you to understand.

So here’s how it works. So you come into alignment through meditation, maybe or through appreciation, and then you come out into the day. And when you move forward into the day, now you’re into the day where you are witnessing manifestations. And that’s usually where that step one stuff happens with you, where you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want.

And often, they’re just what you are observing, almost everyone is offering the majority of their vibration based upon what they are observing, which doesn’t really serve you all that well, if you are only observing and only responding to what you’re observing. So you’re launching all of these rockets of desire, you know, what you don’t want, which causes you to ask with more clarity about what you do want. But the question is, how then in tune? Are you on a regular basis with what you do want? Or how observant of things you don’t want?

Are you in other words, what are you doing with your focus, and as you are focusing, then what’s happening to you vibrationally. So let’s say that you meditate, and then you focus in the world. And so you spend most of your day observing and having responses to what you’re observing. So sometimes you’re in alignment because of what you’re observing. Sometimes you’re not in alignment because of what you’re observing. But in any case, you’re not a deliberate creator, you’re sort of created by reactional response to things you’re having reactions to what’s going on, which makes you a very conditional creator, which means you really have very little control because you can’t control the conditions if you notice, there are too many moving parts.

But in doing that, you don’t realize that that you are locking yourself in those words are really too strong, but we want to make an impression with you here. You lock yourself in through observation to things wanted and not wanted. But you develop patterns and by rational points of attraction because you attract what you want you attract what you don’t want you attract what you want, you attract what you don’t want, you attract what you want.

And then you sort of get weary and then you by default, fall into what humans think is the easiest way of going about it, which is really, by far and away the hardest, hardest, hardest way of going about it, you seek to control the conditions of your environment. So you join groups, and you get strong voices in your groups. And in those groups, you are happier in those groups. That’s really what a lot of religions are about. It’s a group that doesn’t bother each other as much as the other groups. Because there are more of you living similar conditions, you’re all hypocritical, that makes you harmonize, and you’re all usually pushing against those others.

And that makes you harmonize. And so you give yourself a false sense of what you might call security, a false sense of alignment, it’s a false sense of alignment, it isn’t real, if those are the options that you’ve given yourself. Since you have trained yourself to be a conditional liver of life, then it’s easier to be a conditional liver of life in a group that lives more of the conditions that I live. That’s one of the things that Jerry and Esther really did not want to ever happen around this Abraham family.

They didn’t want this to just become a big group of people that were more comfortable about being around each other. We all want to be in love with everyone. And there is something in everyone to be in love with this. And so really, the more tightly you cloister yourself in these safe environments, where you will not be challenged by so much that bothers you, the less free you feel, the less of who you really are you are. And so there’s a lot of dysfunction in those various kinds of messes.

And so, let’s take this just a step further, we’ve talked about this often, but let’s really bring it to the place that you can feel it. And so what we’re saying is, your only true happiness is when you are in alignment with your Source energy. And your physical environment, as important as it is, seems to train you away from that because you seek approval from them, instead of alignment with who you really are. And if you could find a group where you could really get constant approval.

You’re not in the good place that you might initially think you are want to grow. You want the contrast. You want the reason to find alignment, and you want to be out where it all is where you have full choices, not cloistered in a very narrow environment where you just get pickier and pickier about each other. Really good conversation. Thanks. I will leave it there because I have loved integrated. Thank you really good.

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