Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #506 – His Inner Being Relationship



Hello. I want to know I want to understand more about my relationship with who I really am. I focus a lot in my meditations now about being more in alignment with my inner being. But also, with well being these are two kind of concepts that I’m trying to get my head around. I know they’re always here. I know they’re always flowing through me. But I want to understand more. What is that that relationship like? Well, that’s really up to you. Let’s define relationship. From our point of view.

Relationship is how the vibrations of various parts fit together. vibrational relationship is really what relationship really means. And so who your inner being has become is everything that you’ve carved out of everything that you’ve lived. And so your inner being stands as this knowing, loving, powerful, intelligent, eager being. And so your relationship with your inner being is dependent upon how many of those things you have active within you on a regular basis.

In other words, when you feel insecure, you’re not having a relationship with your inner being, you’re having a relationship somewhat apart from your inner being. And that is the definition of insecurity. Insecurity is what it feels like when you’re not allowing yourself to be who you are. And insecurity is when you’re looking to others to feed it. See me hear me talk to me, support me, flatter me, boy, me, we like to call it looking for love in all the wrong places.

You can find it certainly because there are a lot of tuned in people who in any moment in time are holding you as their object of attention and loving you. And we’re not saying don’t go there and find it. We’re just saying if it’s not there don’t suffer that it’s not there. Because that’s not where it’s ever supposed to be. There was when it’s there. Embrace it when it’s not there. Even better. Even better, because now it’s my job. Yeah, yeah, it is your job. Yeah, it is my job.

And it’s a job that when you figure out how to do it effectively, oh, then you’re free. And until you figure out how to do it effectively, do what stay in alignment steadily, then you’re in bondage, because then you are subject to the ebb and flow of whoever you’re living with or spending the moment with or whatever, right. So my inner being is a consciousness, what is the well being the source energy, let’s approach it from this perspective, because you’ve heard us talk about this a lot.

So let’s find another way of saying it. You’ve heard this part that when you reemerge when you leave this physical body in what you call your physical death. And of course, there is no death. But there is a departure from this physical body and a complete reemergence into the source energy being that you really are. When that happens, you don’t take any thoughts of insecurity with you, you just reemerge into non physical and immediately assume the vibrational non persona, the vibrational Farmer of pure positive energy, which means you’re clear minded.

You have clarity, not confusion, you have love, not hate, you have knowing, not absence of knowing you reemerge into the fullness of who you are. Well, that fullness of who you are, exists, even though you’re here in this physical body, so that fullness is available to you at all times. And so that specific and direct answer to your question, what is this consciousness, it’s a consciousness that is absent of any negative emotion is absent of the lack side of anything, when you sift and sort into a new place.

And let’s just say this the way it really is, every moment of your life experience out here on this leading edge that it feels to you that we are making fun of while we are not because it’s step one, and it does contain wanted and unwanted things. But while you are thinking, which is where you do the majority of your thinking, you’re projecting a thought you’re observing, you’re noticing, you’re sifting and sorting, you’re mining for the nuggets, while you’re doing all of that when you come to an awareness of something preferred.

And you see even if you can’t consciously say it, your experience is exposing that knowledge to your inner being your inner being who has been with you for so long, and knows precisely when you find something wanted and when you find something not wanted. Don’t you like knowing that even if you can’t articulate it, you’re in You’re being done because your inner being knows who you really are, your inner being knows that you’re a lover and an uplifter.

And so in some moment, let’s say you’re having one of those false moments where someone’s flattering you, or bowing you in some moment, because you are displaying some insecurity and they’re wanting to make you feel better. Let’s say that that’s what’s happening in this moment, where your inner being knows that that’s not really who you are. And so that’s not a piece that your inner being takes into the vortex that’s left out there on the cutting room floor. That’s edited out, that was just a new way of looking at it that we wanted to make sure you heard that’s edited out, that’s not who you really are.

So you are the reason that your inner being is able to know because of so much longevity with you over so much what you want to call time, which we want to call eternity. So your inner being has such clear understanding of who you are. And when you deviate from it, your inner being knows that on the other side of that clear knowing of what you do not want, there is clarity about what you do want.

And your inner being becomes a little more clear still now from this new never been before into all of the universe moment that you’ve just had, as you’ve carved out a new evolution of who you are as a vibrational consciousness as you are adding to the creation of that which humans want to call God. And we want to call the eternal consciousness of all that is.

And so there it is, you have expanded still further and you You are the reason for that expansion, which means now, if you are to have full joy, you must find some way of figuring out how to stay more in concert with that new evolved being that you have just expanded to. And how do you know whether you are or you’re not, by the way you feel, if you’re feeling anxious about something or unhappy about something, then you’re not keeping up with what you’ve just asked to become.

This is a good conversation about who your inner being is, your inner being is a collective consciousness, your inner being is not really only about wait for it. Your inner being is not really only about you in this physical form. Because your inner beings, our collective consciousness, your inner beings are because of law of attraction gathered together with others who are of light vibration.

And so that’s why this source energy, you use the word wellbeing, that’s why this well being is so supreme, it’s why it’s so extreme. It’s why it’s so dominant, this non physical well being. That is what it is, because of the part of the well being that is you that is willing to come forth, and have the new experience that describes the well being this in more and more further extended ways, who don’t you like knowing that. And so you all are so wonderful, because you come forth, and you live the extreme, and you cause the expansion. But then you teach yourself in these religious messes that you participate in.

You teach yourself sacrifice, you teach yourself sacrifice all of this that you have become by holding yourself apart from it, and then claiming virtue for your suffering. There’s a lot wrong with that picture. And that’s looking for the approval of others. That’s why you’re doing it. So. So then you say, well, maybe I should withdraw from all of this, maybe I should just go someplace where it’s really quiet all the time and just hold myself in meditation. And we say, well, there may be a lot of reception going on. But oh, it’s so lovely. When you’ve played this game deliberately.

And you know, when you’re asking and you know, when you’re in alignment, you know, when you’re not and you meditate enough that you give yourself some good sea legs so that you can really tell what you’re doing. And then you start living in real time alignment and not but you’re consciously aware of what you’re doing. So you’re molding the clay of your own experience with your own hands. So you have knowledge about what’s happening. So negative emotion never bothers you because you know, it’s guidance.

You don’t condemn yourself for it. You just know you’re having an important and emphatic Step One moment. You don’t beat up on yourself for ever having a step one moment. Instead, you take the bounce from it. This is what living happily ever after is it step one, two, and three, and then even more. It four, four is really the step that we are enjoying you discovering because step four, is when you really begin to express your awareness of your own well being because once you’re at step four, step four is just being really good at step three is being really good at recognize In what you’re doing, how you’re feeling emotionally, and guiding your thoughts, step four.

Usually doesn’t exist unless you are someone who meditates on a really regular basis. Step four is someone who maintains their balance who moves out into the world who still has step one moments. But those step one moments are very brief. And often aren’t you begin noticing that your questions and your answers are coming almost simultaneously. Aren’t you beginning to notice sometimes that the answer is even in your awareness before the problem?

And then you think, Oh, wait, I got the answer. Before I got the question. I got the solution before I got the problem. I’m really rockin and rollin here. And that just means you’re in tune, it means you’re anticipating. Sometimes you will go to a psychic or someone who is a reader of energy, who can look into your vibrational awareness and even tells you what they see coming. And it’s because you are making a vibrational announcement of what’s coming next everywhere you go.

And when you are really in tune with who you are, then you are aware of your own vibrational announcements, then you stand more in readiness for what’s coming next. And when you really get good at that you begin saying, usually, to yourself, at least unto others, I’m really living extraordinary wellbeing. You just feel invincible. You feel surrounded by well being you feel cared for Esther, there’s no place she’d rather sleep than on a rocking ship. It just feels like the whole world has ahold of her.

And it’s just this in her mind this feeling of just utter well being. And it’s the way it is for you all the time, your inner being and that what you want to call source is wrapped around you all the time. But sometimes you get a little prickly and you disallow your reception of that. And that’s when you begin to feel the opposite of that, which is some insecurity and some fear. Did we get there for you? Yeah, there’s something more. No, I mean, I guess. I guess the only Oh Is my inner being your inner being is you and others. Your inner being is the best feeling parts of you.

Your inner being is the larger part of you. Your inner being is the culmination of you. Your inner being is up to the moment further as the expanded version of what you have carved out in this life experience. Standing there always ready to reflect that back to you, leaving the light on for you so to speak, so that you can always find your way home to you.

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