Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #520 – Feelings Of Unworthiness



Hi, I’m mainly I wanted to know that I could be here again to be anywhere. Okay, that’s what I wanted to know. I feel that I’m working through. I’ve had a lot of unworthiness, issues I’ve had everyone does to some extent. All right. Sure feels good when you get on the not other side of that. So that I find that I’m finding that is my step one moments when I acknowledged valuable normal step one moments.

Yeah. Do you know why you have feelings of unworthiness? Because you take other people’s word for it, rather than your inner beings word for it. If you were in sync with your inner being, you wouldn’t feel a moment of that. That’s why it’s getting less and less. But you see, you ask a lot of others when you say, I have unworthy issues. So could you all look at me in a more worthy feeling way? I’m trying real hard. So I’m asking you all to make me feel more worthy.

And it just goes the opposite, doesn’t it? So what you really want to say is, I really don’t care what you think, and mean it? What you think is not important to me? Because I have another means of knowing where I sit in my vibrational relationship. Yeah, good. And that satisfaction is so wonderful, I can sit and just be drinking a glass of water and just feel so excited. And so just content and happy. And at first, I wondered, Am I just getting complacent and lazy, but I’m just just enjoying Well, in time, you will be able to discern the difference between satisfied and bored.

And it will shift from satisfaction to boredom, because your inner being is offering you thoughts that when you’re tuned in will lead to more and more and more and more and more. But if you’re satisfied to the point, but that’s all, then you’re not as receptive and open, then you could sit there too long. You could sit there too long as you miss the impulse to move. Now think about why that might be who we’d like to so much, think about why you could be satisfied to a point.

And your inner being then is shining the light brightly on what your inner being knows, you’re asking for on the next piece of the path of least resistance. But let’s say that piece of that path has something about it that the opposite of is active in your vibration, like maybe the impulse is to call someone and all of a sudden your shyness comes up your feeling of oh, what if I call and they don’t want to talk or they’re not available. And so you override the impulse with logic.

So if you override those impulses with logic, you could sit there too long, and you will lose your momentum. But no worries, there’s going to be another and another and another and another. You got that didn’t you along with this thoughts turning to things you are understanding that it’s your readiness to receive the thought that we’re really talking about here, because the projection of thought or the offering of thought is consistently coming forth from your inner being.

So it’s not that your inner being says, Well, I’ve been offering an offering an offering and you haven’t been taking any of our advice that we’re not going to offer anymore. Never anything like that. It’s just this steady knowledge of where you are in relationship to what more you want to unfold. So the more satisfied you are, the happier you are, then the more likely you are to receive the impulse.

And if you’re willing to follow through on those impulses, but you feel the circular conversation we’ve just had here, if you’re self conscious about what others think about your behavior, because your inner being is going to encourage you to do things that other people are going to disapprove off. Esther said to Jerry, promise me you will tell no one about Abraham. It’s just too weird. It’s just too weird. He didn’t keep the promise. That happens, doesn’t it?

Sometimes your worry about what others will think will keep you from receiving the next impulse. Oh, Wasn’t this a good conversation? So in order to be ready for that, you have to maybe have already had a few experiences where you’ve just decided you’re just not going to worry anymore about pleasing others because they’re fickle.

First of all, what they want from you just moves about so much because they’re selfish. They want what they want for themselves and they pretend like it’s all for you, but it never is. It never is. Are we hurting your feelings and that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing. Some times we are accused of teaching selfishness and we admit it.

Because if you’re not selfish enough to care about your connection to Source energy, more about that connection and less about others response, so as you care more about your connection, and less about others response, then you’ll follow through with some of those impulses. And then you won’t lose your momentum where satisfaction turns to boredom. Best conversation of the crews really good. And you thought you just came to see if you could get here.

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