Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #523 – Clarity



Wow. The last piece of resistance, which I just released was the question, why can’t I get up? Just let it go. Getting closer and closer every day just well, don’t ever plan on releasing at all. Because you’re picking it up, you’re picking up more resistance to serve you in more ways.

Didn’t we just say that? But since we are eternal beings, then isn’t it nice that new questions and problems occurred to us so that new solutions and answers can satisfy us? Isn’t that nice? And would you ever want to be done? Don’t say yes. Would you ever want to be done with all of it? In other words, because if you are at a place where you say yes, once and for all, I would like to be finished with all of that, then what you’re saying is, I’m not looking for any more satisfaction.

And that will never be the case. The satisfaction always comes from the new asking to which you are not ready. And the new achieving a vibrational alignment and the new coming into awareness and manifestation of the new satisfaction only comes for asking for more and then letting it in. That’s what satisfaction is. And since you’re always going to be asking for more, and hopefully you’ll always be letting more in then there is a lot of satisfaction ahead. Right? So satisfying.

Yes. And today, I feel more of a clarity when I’m in the audience and watching and feeling. And I know that I’m lighter and more ready to play. We think as we play with all of you that clarity is one of the most satisfying feelings that exists. That feeling of clarity. It’s a clarity that I’ve known before, what I’ve called currency, which has been more of an intellectual clarity.

Now, it’s like I can see through everything. Would you say that when you think about a word and an experience, like clarity, would you say that? It is alignment? Yes. But would you say it is alignment with not much momentum or alignment with more momentum. It’s more, isn’t it? When you feel clarity, you’ve allowed yourself to move, the energy is moving.

And that clarity is thought processing through you. It’s cohesiveness. It’s understanding, its awareness, its keen awareness, it’s awareness mixed with intuition. It’s tuned in tapped in turned on, it’s vivid. It’s who you are, and how you intended to live. And sometimes I have a clarity before I have the full satisfaction of that clarity. So I did and then I allow myself to become and then I, the clarity, what we are doing, we’re turning the word clarity into an emotion. Like the word satisfaction is an emotion.

And so we are submitting that they get there at the same time. Understood, yeah, it’s just words. Which brings me to my next logical step. Yes, it’s I’m ready. I’m here. I want to play a one to dance so and to feel the co creation of the clarity, the different perspectives of the clarity coming together and making a new level of clarity and taking this forward.

Where we think the conversation already happened to we are so satisfied with that conversation about satisfaction and clarity. We think you already did that. I did it before I came up. And I felt it and I knew I did it. I did it yesterday that I didn’t need to come up anymore. There you go. Doesn’t that say at all? That’s really good. This is a really good time for a segment of refreshment.

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