Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #527 – She Sees Jerry



Now I don’t know what to ask about. Well, often, what’s just happened is what has stirred something. And so that really is CO creating at its best when you’re parlaying off something that just happened. So was it something there? You knew just as this feeling about, you just have some movement just now you just got ready your to be ready and the words haven’t quite caught up yet.

That’s all. It’s about this. I had this feeling about seeing a dairy. And I don’t even know dairy. I’ve never met him and I feel a shame. I have this feeling of what that is around like. She’s telling me like that. And I feel weird. feel weird about what you see. Yeah, because you can see it and others can’t? Yeah, well, you are weird that way. Esther has a friend who is weird, like you.

And someone was weird like that the other day so she can see the energy. So we’re talking about this vibrational reality that most can’t see because your eyes aren’t tuned to it. So when you see energy, it just means that you’re in the vibrational vicinity, and you’re translating the vibration into sight. Esther is not visual like that in a setting like this.

As we’re choosing you, she can interpret the light when you have a question and low resistance you spike and so she can feel the impulse and see what it is that we’re looking for. But on a day to day basis, Esther does not see. So there’s an auditory translator. So what bothers you about that? I’m scared to be alone. And scared to be alone and two weeks after worried about being too weird, but then she just got used to it. Okay, okay. But what you will come to know.

Now, we talked about this a little bit ago, we talked about how you pick up beliefs along your physical trail. People tell you things, and if they tell you it long enough, then you tend to believe it. And so Esther worried about possession, she worried about non physical energy possessing her. And so when she sat to meditate that first time, and she felt detached from reality, she couldn’t tell her nose from her foot. She didn’t feel afraid. She only felt well being.

And she didn’t really know what to make of it, because she hadn’t been given any instructions. She only knew that she liked it. In today’s words, she would say it felt satisfying in some way. And so she said to Jerry that set the timer for 15 minutes, they were going to meditate for 15 minutes. She said, Let’s do it again. And Jerry said, All right, so we set the timer again and again.

They meditated. And Esther felt that sort of detachment, which she really liked, never had experienced anything like it before. And then the timer went off. And Esther said, Let’s do it again. And Jerry is thinking, here we go. Because Esther tends to be sort of all or nothing about most things. And now she is already so eager about this. So then they meditated every day for about nine months for 15 or 20 minutes. And that very first meditation afterward, her teeth buzzed.

They didn’t chatter, they buzzed, because she had allowed an energy or she had tuned to a frequency that was different than she had ever done before. And the result was a vibration within her that while it was a little unsettling because nothing like that ever happened. She knew it had something to do with this, whatever it was, that felt so good. So she sort of started out in that easier way.

Then, for about nine months, they meditated and nothing else like that happened because she was acclimating more and more and more and more and more to the energy. And then after about nine months, while she was meditating, she felt her head moving. And she said to Jerry, she realized she was spelling letters in the air because Esther is a translator of vibration to thought. And so that’s how it happened to her and it was so gradual.

But this is the part that we really want you to hear them. As they began receiving us Jerry was so excited, because he was getting answers to questions that he had been carrying around his whole life. And every day, new life experiences would cause him to ask more questions, and so he just couldn’t get enough of conversation with Abraham.

But if I over the telephone would ring or the doorbell would ring, or anything else would happen. Esther felt an immediate release of her back into her experience. And so she knew for sure that there wasn’t any assertion, there wasn’t anybody possessing her. Nothing can come after you. Everything is by your vibrational invitation. You get what you think about. And so the more you clarify who you are, then the more sure you are of the well being you’re following one day, we are visiting with a lady who lived in the Bay area of California up near San Francisco.

She said, Abraham, what’s happening to me, I’ve started to have panic attacks as I’m going across the bridge. And we said, well, you are picking up on thought forms. Well, she didn’t like the sound of that. She said, What do you mean was? Well, the bridges, some of them has collapsed in an earthquake not long before. And now people going across the bridges were feeling more uneasy than they had before. And she said, I feel like I just want to lie on the floorboard.

And when we go across the bridges, I’m very frightened. And we said what? You’re just picking up on thought forms, but those kinds of thought forms are everywhere. We said the more important question is, why are you just now picking up on them. And she knew right away, she said, My neighbor was burglarized. And we’ve been having these neighborhood meetings and we’re trying to decide whether to put bars on our Windows or higher purity company.

And so then she was able to put it together that something that was active in her vibration was causing her to feel unsettled or even to pick up on things that she had not seen before. So describe to us what you see. Do you see it all the time? No, is I see it when they come into the room. And I have a feeling that there’s something behind me and it feels like very soft, very caring. Go forward. It feels like what that’s carrying. What does going forward. Come on, do it. Come on.

You can like an encouraging Yeah, and encouraging. Yeah. So we told you something in these days that we’ve been together that you didn’t know that everyone who you’ve ever known who has reemerged into non physical is forward with you now, Jerry shops with Esther eats her food with her from time to time very enthusiastic about everything that’s out here on this lady that and all of this stuff that’s so important to what was important to him at the time. Somebody eager to be with you?

Yes. Yeah. And I really don’t know who it is. Yes, I know. I used to have a voice. I called Gabriel. And he was like, a very words I didn’t use to say, Oh, it was like, being very alert. And I actually stopped it because of feathers on normal. Well, it isn’t normal, but it should be. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, of course, most people block that because they don’t understand it. They don’t welcome it. And we’re not saying that you should all have experiences and describe them to others. You don’t want to get locked up.

That’s why Esther made Jerry promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone for a little while. But here’s the thing. You are an extension of source energy whether you know that you are or not, you are a vibrational being whether you know that you are or not you live in a vibrational universe whether you know that you do or not, your thoughts vibrate and therefore attract whether you know that they do or not.

So, Isn’t it nice to know that you are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe and that we are all in this together and that there are many non physical beings who know about you and care about you and advocate for you and encourage you and look forward with you are eager with you. And don’t you want to get more ready to be ready for that? Yes, yes. It’s nice. It’s really nice, isn’t it? Yes, it is really nice. Yeah. Yeah, it is. I just have to accept it. Well, you might as well.

You’re not going to stop being a vibrational being and you’re not going to stop having a relationship with your inner being and non physical energies are not going to suddenly stop having an interest in you. This non physical care of you is ongoing, and it is only been your blocking of it that ever causes you the discomfort.

Often people who especially soon after someone they really care about has made their transition to non physical, they will be in a rare moment, no longer suffering or grieving for a moment. Something helps us distract them and they’re happy in their day like our friend describing on her walk. And then because they have no resistance and Now, this non physical friend has access to them and begins flowing, which makes them think of them.

And then immediately they go to missing them, which then puts resistance into the equation, which then is what makes you feel uncomfortable. So that’s why people associate the non physical with discomfort is uncomfortable because you’re not letting it flow rather than because it’s there. And then of course, there are the misunderstanding and the flawed premises that you’ve picked up along your physical trail that you use to describe that. That’s right. That’s good enough.

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