Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #528 – Life Is Just Good



My life is good, except for the hold on to Yeah. But it also seems I’m not very high. It’s like a, oh, it’s just good. It doesn’t have to be you keep asking for things that you don’t let flow. And that’s why you’re feeling this sort of encouragement coming.

And that’s what the whole conversation and all these days has been about. Most people ask for things, and then they don’t let it flow because they think in opposition to the things that they’re asking for. Yeah. And I get a little scared that if I don’t continue asking for it, I will forget it. And then it’s not happening. You know, there’s something else this is a good conversation to have.

Many people have felt, because you’ve been oriented to life, through your physical format, through your family and friends, and teachers and so forth. You worry that if you express satisfaction, where you are that then nobody will help you get to a better place. It’s like if I say to non physical, I’m so satisfied, then they’ll all say she’s good. Anybody else got some problems that we can help.

And that’s because you have believed that the way you motivate your children is through suffering. In other words, when you don’t clean your room, it makes me so unhappy. Esther remembers early on Kate, her granddaughter who was now 15 was four. And she kept coming and crawling into bed with her parents.

And so one night her mother said, Kate, grandma would be very sad. If she knew you were not sleeping in your own bed. And Kate said, grandma’s never said she just wasn’t having any of that. She knew that couldn’t be right. And so that’s the thing that we want you to realize is that source energy is always flowing and that the discord that you feel is when you pinch it off. End of story. That’s always an only an ever what it ever is. And that’s really good.

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