Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #529 – About Physical Attraction



Hello, I want you to understand where physical attraction comes into play in just physical reality, I understand law of attraction, and understand appreciating things in life and loving things in life. But physical attraction seems different, seems more complex. Let’s start with the step one part of the important process, where you get to experience and observe and prefer and choose.

And so it comes through your interaction, and you’re sifting and sorting and deciding. Without exposure to variety, you could not choose. And so a lot of those preferences of the way you’d like to dress or the food you like to eat, or the kind of house you want to live in are the kind of work you want to do come from just exposing yourself to life and saying, a little more of that, a little less of that, a little more of that, a little less of that.

But even insane that because that’s such an important part of how you come to know what it is you prefer. You have to remember that you are an extension of source energy, and that this is not your first rodeo. And that you bring many intentions from non physical, but what are those intentions, this is the important thing to understand. Let’s start here, when you reemerge into non physical in what you call your death experience. You leave behind all doubt and fear and worry about all of that stuff.

And you take with you all that you are all that you’ve become all of your preferences. In other words, you take everything that you felt good and satisfied about and you leave anything else behind. It just doesn’t go with you. It’s the ultimate releasing of resistance process. And further, as in the first question that we began with today, you reemerge into this consciousness, that is also all of that.

And so as you blend together in all that you are and all that you have been in all that we are and all that we have been. And all this newness that you’ve just brought with you. Now you are this even more expanded, even more joyful, even more, evolved even more pure positive energy, liquid love being. And so from that vantage point, then you reemerge again.

And so the blending of all of this, knowing of who you are all of this utter knowing of your worthiness, all of your expectation of living happily ever after all of this, knowing of your value and eagerness about getting into this so that you can live the satisfying life that this life promises to be all of that comes with you. And then the integration into this physical experience. And many would say, Well, why can’t we just bring all that with us and not have to integrate so much?

And we say because you came for more expansion for more joyful expansion? And because it is a known and understood law, that without a question, there can’t be a further answer. And without some sort of dilemma or problem, there can’t be a further solution. And because we are eternal beings, then that eternity is just such an important aspect of all of this. You’ve heard us say we know you have because you’ve been banging around with us for a long time.

A triad of intentions that you are born with a freedom and growth and joy. And the growth is just inevitable. It’s just the byproduct of being exposed to life. And the freedom is actually inevitable too, because you’re so free that you can choose bondage. The Freedom just is whether you perceive it or accept it or acknowledge it or not.

But when you make joy, the factor that you are reaching for, then everything comes together in such a satisfying way because there are many people who will live this life experience and have lived many other life experiences where they will not be nice enough to themselves to reach for joy, because their early exposure to life has got them off on a despondent foot and they pinch themselves off from any semblance of connection with who they really are.

And they are not going to find any real relief until they have we like to say they croak because we’d like to be disrespectful since there is no death. And we just don’t think that you should have to reemerge into non physical to experience what you came here to experience. Is that helpful? You get it from life and a lot of it you brought with you and so much of it you pick up along your physical trail here. Many of you come with powerful intentions.

And a lot of you in this room have come with a powerful intention of being uniquely You, because you’re teachers and you’ve lived enough life to know that there are a whole lot of people living a whole lot of conditional lives. And that if you can be born into a house, where your mother can make you clean your room, even if you don’t want to, she might be able to she might be able to be strong enough or convincing enough or withhold the things you want enough that she’ll get you to come to her.

But if she is successful, she will draw you away from your own guidance system. And in your compliance with her, you will draw her away from hers. It’s not just those who are trying to get you to please them. And that’s mostly you guys who are wanting to please them. And in any case, you are teaching each other a conditional life and a conditional love and you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. And you forget about your guidance system.

And so it takes a while for you to get back to it. You have to sort of reorient yourself there. Some of you come with very strong intentions. That’s why autism is high and recognized. It’s why homosexuality is recognized and high. There are so many differences in you as a civilization because you came with an intention of being able to hold your own I’m going to be different enough that no matter how much you need me to satisfy your conditional love.

I’m not going to be able to do that because I came with intentionality that is more dominant than pleasing you. I am complete. Really good. Really good. You’re just getting warmed up and we’re almost at the end of the day right here.

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