Say This Just For 2 Days #4

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Infinite Intelligence Episode #4 – Say This Just For 2 Days


I don’t really have a specific question more like my intentions, to appear to play with you to maybe bring this conversation to wait. Never been a few like money and materials comes very easily to me, because our own design them as much but more accurately, my resistance, isn’t as as ultra or or or they come, because I don’t care about them. Well, they solve this trap of the sky in the don’t, but to an outside person.

Looking in my life, when I said so, you’re saying you don’t worry about it, would you say you just expect it to be that way. Expectation I’m thinking about it all the time, but now it doesn’t expectation means that there is a desire and a belief in the same place. That’s what an expectation is desire and belief in the same place. You have to be talking about it all the time that you’re not talking against it either ten thousand dollars, and you said about try to do twenty thirty.

Forty fifty percent, as I offer no effort, it’s just kind of put it out there it’s going to draw so you don’t offer effort, because you understand that the laws of the universe are bringing whatever you want to you. Are you saying to us that you don’t justify the well being that comes through effort and hard work, you’re not justifying anymore you’re, just expecting it to come home easily?

That’s the key right there. So how do you come to expect something that hasn’t manifested? So you say: well, money isn’t coming easy to me and I’d like to be like that. I’d just like to expect it, but how do you expect something that hasn’t been happening when you been noticing what’s been happening? What’s the obvious answer, you have to notice a little less what’s been happening if to stop taking score of what is you have to find someone way to put what is where it belongs?

You have to put what is where it belongs in the past tense category. What is no longer matters, because what is does not have to continue to be the regurgitate it actually vibration. What is doesn’t have to be the active vibration. What’s wanted can be the active vibration, but what’s the pay off for you? What are you going to focus on in order to stay focused on the vibrational reality, rather than the manifested reality?

How do you get yourself to focus forward instead of backwards? How do you stop looking at what is when what is so compelling? Something else has to be equally compelling, let’s play with this just for a moment, and then we will hear you do you enjoy a feeling of clarity? Do do you like to feel so clear in your mind that you know exactly what you’re doing when you click into that?

You know those moments in time when clarity is just so strong that it feels to you like you, just can’t get it wrong at least not right. Now, things are just really clicking for you. Is that something worth focusing on, and is it a condition or is it an unconditional? We know these words sound awkward to you, but we’re wanting to somehow cajole you into not facing reality anymore.

Your reality is the platform that you bounce off of that, if you let it be, what you’re, giving your undivided attention to your reality will hold you apart from your motion forward, so you have to find a way to put reality where it belongs, which is past tense, is old news what’s already manifest it isn’t where the sweet spot, it is isn’t where the action is it isn’t where the energy is it isn’t where the funny is it isn’t where the leading edges it isn’t where the new ideas are it’s the hatching of the new idea is the experience of the new rendezvous.

It’s the turning this vibration into a thought is the receiving of the thought is conscious awareness. You have received a thought, it’s the emotional feeling of worthiness that the thought has come and the emotional feeling a positive expectation that that’s going to amount to something and every single thing you want, no matter what it is. Material objects, state of being lover in your bed, pile of money doesn’t matter what it is.

Every single thing you want is because you believe you will feel better in the having of it. If we can get you to just for today is just for today’s say: what’s the feeling that I’m reaching for what’s the feeling? So what did you come to talk to us about total lager, recalibration own step? Far from broken contrast with unconditional love? It feels like it’s easier with material, but when it comes to, people want to put so much effort and care into effort and care into someone outcome like to keep him around a little bit.

Pathetic, just seems to fall in and out when I don’t care to conquer when they come in, because us let them go. But when it comes to people, people are the trickiest thing of all, because they’ve got their own opinions about what they should be doing with their lives. It’s really annoying that they don’t line up to serve you and the way they need, and some of it is because they want different things than you want from them, and some of it is because they’re not in control of their own vibration. Yet, but people are really tricky.

What you are best to do relative to people is just find a way of feeling good about what you’re flowing to them, because if you are evaluating the conditions that they are flowing to you, you have no control of that. That’s a cycle that you will never work your way out of so when is it embracing the contrast, it kind of felt like embracing the part where I’m aware that I’m being unconditional love, which means I understand that I want to be unconditional but trying to stop the train, sometimes just as momentum to the train.

Now I want to embrace it controls, oh well, arts and crafts. Let us put just one little idea in this mix that is available to you all the time, but you haven’t been receiving at all, so we’re just gonna, speak it to you in a see it hear it smell it taste it touch it way, we’re going to put it in your ear so that you can contemplate it. But what, if there’s something that you want? It’s in your vortex like the mastery of creation. What, if there’s something in your vortex that causes you to call someone to you who misbehaves what, if in them, not jumping through the conditional hoops?

Wouldn’t it be easy if everyone would just behave, and all you have to do is just observe they’re, really good behavior and you could feel good all the time. But you do not do anyone else a good service and they certainly do not. Do you a good service when they work hard to keep you happy, because what they’re doing is manipulating conditions which is not sustainable. You found that out nine days after you got married, it’s not sustainable, but if someone has the audacity to not conditionally try to, please you so that you have to discover how to hook up with something that does please you apart from them now you can in a short period of time master.

What true alignment is. I felt like the breakup in February was worth it once. I found my alarming to be in the zone or realizing from a broader perspective to see, but it was worth it because now I truly understand what unconditional love is. Robyn, wouldn’t it be great? If how often do you say well, it was awful for a while, but then after the fact, I now see that that was a beneficial thing. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could accept that everything is a beneficial thing, while it’s happening because one of two things is happening either it’s bringing new clarity, it’s either enhancing your desire, or it’s in this moment satisfying your desire.

It’s either making your desire grow, or it’s fulfilling that right here and now, and we think we love you so much that you are dramatically under estimating the value of a growing desire, growing desire doesn’t feel good to you if you’re not good, at keeping up to speed with it, because your desire is growing and you’re, not you’re, desires, groin and you’re, not you’re desires, groin and you’re, not you’re desires, groin and you’re not, and we promise you you’re desire is growing, so your desires growing, but you’re focused on condition that your desires grind.

You focus on condition that you desire groin and you’re focused on condition and after a while, the tug of war is so strong within you that you just sort of give up, and then you close the gap just a little bit sort of by default almost like accidentally, and then you just keep repeating that cycle. But what, if you could desire and recognize that now it hasn’t manifested, but it is in the process of because and what, if you could start looking for the juice of it? Now? What if you could accept that?

All that contrast, all that step, one which launched up to what, if you could accept how good that is for you so now, you’re that step five master you’re, not condemning bam, you’re, not condemning you, you’re, not condemning contrast, embracing that your adoring, it your adoring it for the juice that it gave to your life and for the clarity that it gave to your inner being and to your inner being.

Who stands there, knowing all of that and to your emotional guidance system. That is letting you know that you’re not quite up to speed with it and your desire to feel good that helps you get up to speed with it and then all the pay off comes clarity happens in your mind, a good idea happens in your mind. You feel exhilarated about something. Nothing has changed, but you feel better.

Anyway, you are unconditionally feeling better and now you’re in charge of your world. Now you are the creator of your own reality. Now you are the conscious, deliberate eight creator of your own reality and then looking back, you can say the friend. You know you really gave me a run for my money, but the juice that came out of that is the best thing that ever happened to me. You helped to put me in a place of desire that now have accomplished that I would never have achieved if it had not been for you.

It’s almost like my inner being guided me to this contrast for the expansion. That would be there and we know you want to hear that sometimes, but you only don’t want to hear it when you’re turned away from it. You do want to hear it when you’re turned toward it. It feels so good to go with the flow to allow the other day. Esther was at her house and it’s in the mountains in the rocky mountains and it’s up high and she was up in the upper room looking out of a window and there’s a very big tree.

That was right there at eye level, with her and she’d seen a couple of hawks flying around for a few days, and now one of those hawk as in the tree, and it’s really kicking up a racket. She can’t at first understand what it wants and she’s almost the distance that she is from you and here’s this bird outside her window.

Just calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling and extras thinking give it a rest calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling calling suddenly it occurred to esther that mother bird is calling her baby to her extra always thought that they kicked them out of the nest, not these birds.

She flew the highest point on this property high on the mountain and called this little bird, never flown anywhere ever to her as she didn’t stop calling until the bird came after thought. Oh, she must have been really demanding or really encouraging or absolutely certain that that bird would come so certain that that bird would come that she did not leave her perch.

She did not go down to say: where have you been? She did not say what’s taking so long, she did not say. Can you not hear me, she just stood there and call called and called and called and called, and that’s what your sources doing your source is in your vortex, calling you and calling you and calling you and calling you and calling you and calling you and when you don’t answer the call, that’s what negative emotion is and when you do answer the call. That’s what elation is. That’s what it’s decoration. If that’s, what enthusiasm is that’s what love and appreciation on.

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