Take Money Out of the Equation #55


Infinite Intelligence Episode #55 – Take Money Out of the Equation


Hi, clearly, I was here in August, and I’m not a hot mess like I was then I’m a little bit more down to earth. McClung a little more focused can only imagine what August was like. Thank you perfectly me. Okay, I love you so much. Thank you. This is so profound in the one thing after another after another after another after another, and picking up those signals.

So perfect, the thing that I thought about talking about, but it’s two things, so hopefully we can. So everything has changed in the last six months since I sat here last. And I’m so happy. Everything is right on track and falling into place. And it’s just getting better and better. And I start off important thing is I’m having fun along the way, having fun, not so much on track for another combination, but on track, because it’s fun as I’m going along.

Yes, yes, yes, it’s fun. It’s half of fun. It’s fine. It could be fun. But it’s fun. I started a company, I started a company, I’m starting a school. And it’s due to hearing some of the broadcasting on Abraham hicks audio, this type of school for kids like mice will be a vortex school. So it’s exciting. It’s phenomenal. And it’s amazing. And so when I see my future and what I’m experiencing in the beginning stages of something, just so what was out of my league my whole life.

It’s just incredible. And so the millions of dollars that I want, you know, everything’s going to fall into place. But I kind of want to fine tune that money thing. You know, my beliefs. Because when I thought about coming here, I thought what has been such a deep rooted belief in me for a very long time that I would want assistance with? And I think it has you see what happens to so many of you is that. So we want to go back to this.

Do you accept the concept of this vortex even though you can’t see it? So you know that there are vibrations there that are getting bigger and bigger and bigger, even though you can’t see it? And maybe you’re beginning to feel them? And so do you accept the concept that these vibrations become big enough that they become a thought or an idea? Like I’m going to start a school? And you feel the exhilaration of that.

So you know you’re in the receiving mode of that. So do you understand that? Yes, maybe, and we’re putting the big maybe on this because it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe along your path, a whole lot of money will come into place to help you maybe, maybe. But if you can take money out of the equation, and start cashing in your vibrational currency, because it doesn’t take money for you to get the idea. And it doesn’t take money for you to practice the idea.

And it doesn’t take money for you to be happy. And it doesn’t take money for you to be in the receptive mode. And one thing leads to another one leads to another and leads to another and maybe somewhere down the way there will be money that will come into the equation that will cause it to spike in a stronger way. But if you’re hung up on getting to the money, before you’ve moved down there, then you prevent yourself from moving down the vibrational path. Does that make sense to you?

Yes, yes, part of the component is money is now a big part of everything, accepting money from others and setting prices for things and I just want everything to be free. And it’s just, but I can’t have everything free for everybody. And so I’m just I’m concerned that I’ve got some root beliefs around money that’s going to inhibit me or other people I’m in position to actually that’s why we’re asking you to take money out of the equation because everybody has those money hang ups. Okay, almost everybody, all kinds of people talk to us.

And many of them are not talking to us that we are just aware of who have wonderful experiences like our friend with the oboe, where they have found their alignment, and they have become creative genius. They’re flowing and flowing and flowing and flowing. And then they reach the place where they want to sell it or market it. And that’s when they get bogged down almost every time because it didn’t take money to dream it and it didn’t take money to feel it and it didn’t take money to practice and it didn’t take money to create an it didn’t take money to become brilliant.

You see what we’re getting up but then they come to this big stumbling block that they and others have built the barricades that says well now if you’re going to go further, it’s going to require this when Jerry and Esther began as Jerry promised that he wouldn’t tell anybody because she didn’t want this weirdness to get out. And so as time went by, and they were having benefit from it, Jerry said, What do you think about us, just setting some events around the nation, they had a small newsletter that they were sending out, everything was word of mouth.

And he said, we’ll go to about 30 or 40 cities. And so he got a courtyard Marriott book that was printed that showed where all the courtyard Marriott’s were. And he just circled the cities that he thought there would be enough population that there might be someone interested in coming and having a dialogue with Abraham. And Jerry said, it has to pay for itself. So as long as there is enough revenue, to buy our airline tickets, and our rental car, and our sleeping room and the meeting room, then we’ll stay in balance, and off, we’ll go.

And so they circled them, and they deduced a price that they would charge and it would take 20 people in order to cover all of that. And so there was no vibrational imbalance within them. Now they have other money, they have money from other business enterprises. But Jerry says, in order for us to know that this is working, it has to pay for itself. But he also knew that it was smart not to get his business bigger than his business. So they didn’t rent the convention center. Mm hmm. Okay, and they didn’t buy a private jet, after still pretty mad about that.

And so what you want to do, you want to take money out of equation, you want to just make sure that you are in balance, because the thing that keeps almost everyone who has the potential of a magnificent fulfillment of their creative dream is that they put money which they have been railing against for all of their life in the middle of the equation. And then they use that as a reason not to be in the receptive mode, and then they don’t match up with all of the things along the way that would lead them to what they want.

So many people look at situations like what you’re talking about, or anything in life. And if the motive to do it is the money, then they trip themselves up right away. If the desire to do it is coming from your desire to connect, and then assist others in connecting, that’s a whole other thing, you say, keep the money out of the equation and watch what happens, okay, so I can just not even think about it. If I get hung up, I could just focus on something else, keep myself happy, chill, all those wonderful of you accept the premise that your goal is to be in the receptive mode.

And when you think about some things, it’s easy to go there. And when you think about other things, it’s difficult to go there. And when you think about money is difficult to go there. So you don’t think about the things that make it difficult for you to go there. If you accept that it’s not money you want its receptive mode. And if money is keeping you from receptive mode, then it’s counterproductive. After a while, money won’t keep you from receptive mode, it’ll just be more of the natural process of things. It’ll be the way that you expand, it’ll be the way that you do more things.

It’ll be the way that you live life in a fuller way. It will be a way that you enjoy the happiness that you’ve found already in a stronger way. Yeah. But you have to ask yourself, is the concept of money the idea of money, the conversation of money? Is it conducive to be being in the receptive mode? If it is, then focus on it? If it isn’t, then don’t focus on it, or anything else for that matter. Okay?

If you have a friend who has never believed in you, don’t focus on that friend. If you have a friend who always believed in you focus on that friend, right? You see what we’re getting? Yes, yes, yes. So it’s the cart before the horse thing. That’s why people look for venture capitalists all the time. And venture capitalists who have money to spend. So venture capitalists evaluate the risk factor, and they give their money to startup projects.

And in the majority of cases, in far and away the majority of cases, the venture capitalists lose their money, because the startup company was only looking for money. They didn’t have the momentum of what they really wanted to go that took them further. Right, right. Yeah, that momentum going in the money will follow. You don’t ask for the money first.

Right, right. Okay. That’s one more thing. helpful. Was that helpful.

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