The Concept of Letting Go #39


Infinite Intelligence Episode #39 – The Concept of Letting Go


Okay, next thing is a bag of tricks. They’re not for kids. Okay. So for this, I feel the concept of letting go is an outdated concept. Like I kind of view it like technology, like the concept of letting go is like, an eight track or a VHS tape. And yeah, when there’s much better things that could take place. So is it okay? If I read this?

Certainly. Thank you. So nice. Okay, when trying to let go and you feel it’s hard for you all your focus is on letting go letting go, I need to let go. I’m not letting go. I want this so bad, but I can’t let go, I need to let go. But I’m not letting go. But how do I get what I want, if I don’t let it go? On focus on letting go, you can have your awareness on the lack of letting go.

And so not only are you not letting go the thing you want, which you don’t need to, you only need to let go of your resistance you offer when thinking about what you want. You’re also not letting go on the concept itself of letting go you’re holding on to the concept of letting go. Ironic, if you truly want to let go stop focusing on letting go. It can be a lack based concept. This is an inclusive universe not exclusive. So instead of focusing on letting go begin focusing on what you want to let in.

Yeah. Brilliant. Thank you. The reason letting go can feel like you’re focused on the lack of what you want is because when you let go of something, you’re on a loss, it doesn’t feel like you’d get something good feeling in return for the word let go today. What did we we may have already moved on. Okay, sorry.

Sorry. Can I at least we read this one line? Yes. Give it to us. Okay, this one, one. Okay. Here’s the thing. You aren’t focused on letting go or losing something. you’re focused on letting in and gaining something. And that shift in perspective makes all the difference.

That’s right. And that’s the reason that we began talking about getting into the vortex getting into the receptive mode, you’re right to give your attention to what it is you do want and even more important how you do want to feel yeah.

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