The Healing Power of Singing #85


Infinite Intelligence Episode #85 – The Healing Power of Singing


I have another question. Is it short? Yes. I want your advice or to see what if it’s true what I’m feeling? You know? It is. I used to sing and sing mainly by white songs.

Can you imagine what his singing voice sounds like? From the beauty of his speaking voice, thank you. But I realized this during that time, how I was using my hands, and somehow spreading or channeling energy healing energy for the people while I was doing this, yes. And people used to come to see me because they have realized that this guy can heal while he’s singing, how he’s using his hands.

I got a little afraid and you know, embarrassed about this, and I stopped doing this. Then I came back to do this. Now more, only need more on more, leave it as it is for now. Until you gain the confidence that you’re wanting, and then follow what inspiration comes to you. And let your knowledge of what it feels like when it flows through you. Be the thing that you’re focusing on just for a little while. No question about it. It’s something to flow and something to enjoy. Not something you’re assigned to not something you’re supposed to do.

Not something that you need to do. Let it be something that you want to do. Line up with that. Yes, let it flow. Yeah, I guess Office desktop. This is a very good time for segment of refreshment.

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