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How to Get Your Dream Job

During a session between a man looking for a job and Abraham it was jokingly concluded that he just needs to 'chill out and feel like the king of the world, and the job which you want will come to you.' The man is asking for guidance, because he can't understand how to change...

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Making Your Position in Life Count

The world has a place for all. When young your parents work tirelessly to make sure another person does not occupy your position. This is the time you find parents doing the best they can for their children. For example, taking to best schools, best entertainment place and so on. Essentially, at this time...

What happens on your birthday

What happens on your birthday?

So, here's what happened on your birthday. That day, on your birthday, this source energy that is you emerged into this environment in pure vibrational form with no resistance. That's what happens every time you emerge from meditation. Every day is your birthday. It's a rebirthing, it's starting anew because it's all about what's...

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